The Table where the Rich People Sit

(Thursday thoughts from Nat)

I MUST start off by stating a ridiculously obvious and apparent fact of life… How freaking fantastic is the deliciously mouth watering smell of COFFEE in the morning?! I wish I didn’t have to put a question mark at the end of that sentence because I really feel like this is a statement, a fact, a given - absolutely no question marks needed. Like I bet even as you just read the words ‘smell’, ‘coffee’ and ‘morning’ you immediately connected with me. You thought yep, we’re on the same wave length, I feel ya! You probably even despise the question mark too, and secretly like the way I added the explanation mark after it. Am I right or am I right? Ok ok let’s get to the point of this blog post. Hmm, well, it all funnily enough started in my kitchen with this mornings deliciously mouth watering smell of coffee filling the room and flooding my senses…

We have one of those cool fancy pod machines, it’s pretty new to the household so forgive me for still being dazzled by them! Anyway we had a new flavour coffee pod to try this morning so I was already super excited. And then the coffee started extracting and it was all over from there, excitement overload, sense explosion. My boyfriend thinks I am ridiculous. Like every night I make him look up at the moon, really exaggerating its amazingness, almost forcing him to marvel at it as much as I do. It’s kinda the same with coffee. Anyway… So as I eventually sat myself down to drink this cup of deliciousness, I opened my laptop and pulled up a new post to read by a favourite teacher of mine. By cool coincidence it just so happened to match the exact experience I was having with my mouth watering coffee. Next minute I’m blogging. Yep coffee is an inspiration. Let me share the post with you written by one crazy creative intrinsic genius Miss Meghan Currie. The post didn’t have a name but I have decided to call it “The Table where the Rich People Sit”:

“When every part of every moment can be appreciated like every flavour in an interesting meal, or each smell in a city full of distinguished smells, or each emotion that floods our system. Then this to me, is what it is to be rich… To experience each part of every moment as a massage of unique sorts, all parts lending crazy unique notes, creating the tone of our experience at any given time, no two notes ever played the same way twice… To feel this in the body. To develop sensitivity and appreciation for all the notes, flavours and riches of this luxurious human experience.”

Go ahead, read it again if you’d like, I grant you total permission!

So as I read this over a few times (coffee in hand/senses in overload), it got me thinking of how our yoga practice is much like this ‘table where the rich people sit’. Our table or our platform where we awaken and start to draw our senses inwards, build sensitivity in the body and discover new flavours in every little corner. Where we explore familiar flavours and become intrigued by new ones. Whether intense, subtle, spicy, sweet or down right disgusting we simply learn to feel them for what they are, connect with all the notes, simply embrace any given flavour as being another fascinating flavour of life. As we move on our mats through challenging poses, dynamic transitions and subtle moments of stillness and silence. As we soak up every pose, every breath, every moment of practice, we are simply building the foundations of inner awareness and sensitivity so that we can go out into the world and appreciate all the flavours. So that we can become captivated by all the riches of this luxurious human experience.

Just like the smell of coffee in the morning, or a freshly baked apple pie, or a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits. Just like a jaw dropping sunset, or a postcard view of the coastline. Just like we become excited and drawn towards outer experiences and sensations, soaking up the beauty of life around us, our inner experience can be just as captivating, just as beautiful. Like a buffet of the most delicate and creative flavours, our inner experiences are waiting to be tasted, to be absorbed, to be fully digested and wholeheartedly appreciated.

Connected to breathe, grounded on two feet, flowing from challenge to stillness. Creating space in every tiny corner of the body. Embracing each pose as a new flavour, each feeling as a new note, each moment as pure magic. The practice simply allows us to connect to our inner dinner party. And this ain’t no ordinary dinner party. We ain’t dealing with no average joe flavours here. Think back to the smell of coffee in the morning, we’re talking a jaw dropping, mouth watering, sense overload, fantastic, fabulous, flavoursome life that is waiting to be lived! We are learning to actually experience life as we live it.

So welcome my fabulous friends, to the table where the rich people sit. Pull up a seat (or roll out a mat). Take ownership of that seat. Smell, taste and feel all the flavours. Appreciate all the notes. Captivate yourself by all the riches of this luxurious and fascinating human experience.

Gratitude for Miss Meghan Currie, my Mum (for gifting me my pod machine), and my delicious mouth watering coffee for this mornings inspiration.

Namaste x


(words by Nat)
Practice, practice, practice. Yoga everydamnday! 

It’s a daily ritual, a daily commitment, a daily practice. Okay maybe not daily 100% of the time but hey at least the intention is 100% there right?! Whether it is daily, weekly, or every now and then, something keeps drawing us back in, captivating us, seducing our bare feet back to the mat. Time and time again we come to breathe, we come to move, we come to practice yoga.
And what is this alluring force that keeps us coming back? Through all the challenges, confrontations, obstacles and setbacks why are we drawn back in again and again to this practice?

Let’s get all textbook like…By one definition, Practice is doing something over and over again with a determined effort to master that which is being learned. So why are we practicing, what are we trying to master? Is it the perfect pose, the perfect breathe? Is it yoga? Well what is yoga? Have I got your braining ticking yet?!

Perhaps the reason we practice yoga is in the very practice itself…
Perhaps the insights and the answers as to why we continue to return to our mats are revealed to us beneath all that we learn and discover in each moment of each practice. Not in the knowledge of enlightenment or the will to still the mind. Not in the hope of being more flexible or the idea of becoming more spiritual. But in the continual process of moment to moment awareness, attentiveness and presence. Through inquiry, development and understanding. And through the application of understanding. Turning knowledge into wisdom.

It’s not what we practice, it’s not why we practice, it’s HOW we practice. How are we showing up, not just to our yoga practice, but to anything we invest ourselves in throughout life? Commitment, dedication and devotion to each task, each moment, each experience.
Learning to master the very art of practice itself.

In traditional yoga philosophy, (we’re talking real wisdom here, from the ancient masters!), the two wings with which the entire system of yoga rests, are Abhyasa and Vairagya; Practice and Non-attachment. Determined effort in pursuing and mastering a practice without being attached to the result. Rather we learn to cultivate a sense of faith in the future outcome, in the mastery. With a genuine love and devotion to the practice itself, with patience and with contentment for what is now, we can trust we are headed in our intended direction. With this wisdom, this applied knowledge, we neither succeed or fail at any given task. We simply learn, grow and become masters of each moment. Oh yes I like that, say it again! Great mantra guys: “I am a master of this very moment!” Say it, sing it, believe it!

Brain still spinning a little? Okay how about this then… Just as we follow a baby’s (let’s call him Bobby) journey of learning to walk, rather than being focused on his final achievement, his mastery of walking, we are intrigued, excited and proud of each new step taken each day. Bobby himself practices over and over again without the slightest idea as to why, as to what the end result may be. This little legend is only interested in the HOW. Bobby simply devotes himself to the practice itself as he inquires into his very first step, develops knowledge between each step, and applies knowledge with each new step. Captivated, infused and down right STOKED with each moment just as it is, he continues to master the practice as he walks with wisdom through the rest of his life. Yeah Bobby you know what’s going on!

Ahhh the practice. Let me leave you with some final words of wisdom from a great master, a great teacher, a great man - the late Sri.K Pattabhi Jois. When his students often questioned him about life, about yoga, about philosophy. About the whats, the whens and the whys. His simply answer, a response now cherished as great wisdom - “Do your practice, and all is coming”.
Mmm let that sit for a while. And remember… “I am a master of this very moment!” Say it, sing it, believe it!

Namaste X