Yoga South West is proud to offer Teen Yoga to high school kids. Yoga is beneficial for everyone, especially for teenagers (given these are difficult years emotionally and physically!). It is something we wish we had during these years, and wish to inspire teens to incorporate it into their lives, as we have.


Yoga immediately changed our lives and perception of body image, physical health, and mental wellbeing. We know that through Yoga, young adults can learn about healthy habits, to appreciate and respect their bodies and how they work, creating empowered, brave and aware young adults.


Not only a great way to keep the body physically fit, Yoga will help young adults by calming and relaxing their busy minds, and create inner peace that can be so beneficial in this stressful time.


We aim to implement mindfulness, bringing yoga to young adults. They will learn basic relaxation/meditation techniques as well as poses, techniques and body movement/awareness to help deal with the stress and pressure of school exams and every day life.


Please feel free to contact us and we can organise a meeting to see if we can fit in to your school term schedule. 


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