Most of our classes are 75 minutes long. No bookings are needed. Please try to arrive 10 minutes early to ensure your spot!

Empower Hour and Everyday Essentials are 60 minute classes.

CRECHE is available during our 9:15am time slots. $5 per child. Bookings are essential so please enquire for details.


Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional mysore self practice group setting. Students move through the flowing set series of postures to their own pace of breath, facilitated by individual tuition and hands-on adjustments. A silent room with students gradually learning the sequence pose by pose from the teacher. The beauty of Mysore style is that it trains you for practicing anywhere, anytime. At a studio, at home, while travelling - the practice become yours to take with you where ever you go. New students are welcome and encouraged to start. Please enquire with our teachers.

Ashtanga Yoga in a guided format. Moving through the primary series together as a class we talk through the fundamentals of breathe, movement and alignment. Some Ashtanga experience is recommended for this class but not required. 

A Vinyasa style class designed to build strength, stability and space in both body and mind utilising our most empowering tool - the breath. Movement of breath through the body. Come and discover the medicine for yourself. A challenging class welcome to all levels of experience, however we do encourage complete beginners to join a slower class first (unless they love a challenge of course!).

For those with a tight schedule we squeeze our Empower Flow class into a 60 minute version packed full of all the same medicine!

Ahh the perfect refreshment to a long hard day! Let the healing magic of Yin yoga work like a natural tonic for the body and mind. Think deep supportive stretching, long relaxing holds, props, closed eyes and music for the soul.

For those (like us) who love both! This class is all about balance (not the standing on your hands kind of balance!). A perfect combination of yang and yin, of strength and softness, of effort and ease. Building stamina and flow within a Vinyasa style first half of class and then moving into the softness and stillness of Yin yoga for the second half of class. If there is one class we recommend for surfers, athletes and/or people who train in other movement forms - this is the class for you! But really this is a class for absolutely everyone, we could all do with a little more balance in life.

This class almost speaks for itself. Everyday strength and mobility essentials. Working through sequences, often designed around a certain area of the body, to improve the way we move. The way we move through yoga, through training, through our day, through life. For those who can’t always make it to the studio this is a great opportunity to learn some take home essentials to wake up or wind down with. Lots of juicy facts about the anatomy and physiology of the human body for all those movement nerds out there! 


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