Our current schedule, class descriptions & studio info!

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- CLASS LENGTHS are 45, 60 and 75 minutes as shown on schedule.

- DROP INS are welcome to any class without a booking (unless starting 6am Mysore as a beginner).

- 6:00am MYSORE CLASS is for anyone with a current Mysore self practice. Start any time between 5:30am and 6am. People new to Mysore style practice must make a booking first.

- CRECHE available by booking for 9:15am classes (during Summer Holidays this changes to 8am). Please enquire

- Please arrive 5-10 MINUTES EARLY to ensure a spot.



Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional Mysore self-practice group setting. Students move through the flowing set series of postures to their own pace of breath, facilitated by individual tuition and hands-on adjustments. A silent room with students gradually learning the sequence pose by pose from the teacher. The beauty of Mysore style is that it is adaptable to suit individual needs. It trains you for practicing anywhere, anytime. At a studio, at home, while travelling - the practice become yours to take with you, where ever you go. New students are welcome and encouraged to start in the BEGINNERS IMMERSION. Please enquire with our teachers.

Ashtanga Yoga in a guided format. Moving through the primary series together as a class we talk through the fundamentals of breathe, movement and alignment. Some Ashtanga experience is recommended for this class but not required. 

A Vinyasa style class designed to build strength, create space, and encourage flow in both body and mind. Learning to utilise our most empowering tool - the breath - to its fullest medicinal potential. Come and discover the medicine for yourself. A challenging class welcome to all levels of experience, however we do encourage complete beginners to join a slower class first (unless you love a challenge of course!).

The perfect compliment for your stronger practices. Slower transitions and longer holds to ensure full restoration, recovery and relaxation for the whole body/busy mind. All levels welcome. This is a great place to start for total newbies too!

Ahh the perfect refreshment to a long hard day! Let the healing magic of Yin yoga work like a natural tonic for the body and mind. Think deep supportive stretching, long relaxing holds, props, closed eyes and music for the soul. All levels welcome!

Interactive classes focused on specific strength and mobility drills to refine our movement technique, build healthy/stable joints, & feel strong and confident in our yoga practice and/or daily life!

These classes are for EVERYONE.

They are NOT a yoga class but they complement a yoga practice like nothing else! Expect to move around the room, be challenged in new ways, ask questions, and have a laugh!

Open to all levels. Whether you practice yoga or not, these sessions will provide you with great strength and mobility practices that will enhance the way you move and feel! All that is required is a keen interest to learn!

special events in studio!