MEET NAT - Founder

An Ocean dweller, nature lover and adventure seeker. Living with a simple philosophy - movement is medicine. Captured by the flow, the vitality and the empowerment that yoga provides, she is dedicated to spreading and sharing the medicine of this movement one breath at a time. 

With a daily Mysore practice and a background rich in the Ashtanga system, Nat is passionate about sharing and facilitating the boundless wonders of a Mysore style self practice.

She can also be found to unleash a pretty powerful Vinyasa in her signature 'Empower Flow' classes, a nice juicy Yin practice in her 'Yin and Tonics', and the perfect mix of both in her 'Yang to Yins'.       

Nat is a big believer in moving beyond the physical. She sees yoga as not only a form of physical movement, but as an entire system, intelligently designed to help us move through life more freely, both in body and mind. And what excites Nat most is sharing this intelligence. Enriching all who cross her path with the boundless wisdom that yoga has to offer.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned yogi, Nat welcomes and encourages you to come and move. To come and discover the medicine for yourself.


Meet Nel

Also known as Nelo, Haz, Harriet, Nelly, Nelski, Hazza... Seriously nuts about nicknames! She is one giant (but actually quite little) ball of sunshine.  All smiles, no filters needed!
A go getter, an outdoor fanatic, a globe wanderer.  
She LOVES the ocean, the outdoors and any type of fitness and adventure. Health is a lifestyle for her, no choice necessary. She thrives off the challenge of her daily yoga practice and wants to continually learn and seek all that the practice has to offer.
She is passionate about teaching people the importance of keeping their bodies moving, while complimenting it with rest and restoration to let the body heal itself and receive all the 'hard work benefits'.
She believes anyone can do yoga and loves opening people's minds to the possibility that yoga can bring.
To keep it simple and sweet she is a bright eyed, wide smiled, open minded and light hearted individual who thrives off sharing her love for yoga with others. 


Meet Sarmarie

As an artist, a woman, a business owner and a lover to her partner, family and friends she is committed to using all that she has learned from yoga to live to her fullest human potential.

Having spent the last decade deep in yoga practice, study and tradition, some of her education includes:

·        Eastern Philosophy 2004- 2006 Vedanta, Literacy, India 

·        Yogic Studies 2006-2007 Satyananada, Mangrove Retreat 

·        Yogis Studies 2008 Satyananda, New Zealand retreat centre 

·        Ashtanga Yoga/Mysore - Samudra 2012 -2015 , Teachers Mike Hannum, Peter Bertero and Merja Valkonen-Hernandez). 

·        Workshops and Intensives (between 2011 to 2016) with leading international teachers Mark Robberds, Sarah powers, Donna Farhi, David Swensen, Simon borg olivier , And Dena Kingsberg

Feeling more alert, steady and attune than ever, she believes she is here to share and teach others all that she has discovered. To nurture our human nature. To help others unfold and to smile at life’s blow outs. To make the day count for something soulful and nourishing.


Meet Ashlee

“You’re present IN the moment. Inside yourself. There is an inner awareness; connection; contentment; an inside feeling. There is a union of all the senses and they draw inward. And you don’t have any capacity or need to ask questions or be attached to ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. You just are. You are yoga.”

Ashlee is a beach bum at heart, she cannot go for a walk WITH shoes on, nor WITHOUT taking a few steps on her hands aka upside-down...

She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching for 6. She completed her certificate IV 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Byron Yoga Centre in 2010 and has continued to develop her knowledge and passion for yoga through further teacher trainings (Ashlee is an accredited Kids Yoga Teacher, and a registered Pre and Postnatal Yoga teacher), workshops, retreats, and of course her self- practice.

As a grommet, Ashlee was an enthusiastic gymnast this is where her curiosity for biomechanics of the human body began. And once lit, a true passion never goes away!

Her classes are as diverse as her personality, but always delivered with a strong focus on alignment thus making them continually challenging for experienced yogis, but equally nourishing for those who have never stepped foot on a ‘sticky – mat’.

Ashlee loves the way yoga builds her up, irons her out and seduces her body into shapes she’d never imagine she could conquer with such ease and grace. She also loves how there is no one way to practice. Ashlee believes yoga is the journey. 



Jeremy’s 19 years on the yogic path includes 14 of full-time research, practice, and service to the yoga tradition. During the other years, he’s applied his yogic knowledge to his involvement in the arts, business and corporate life. This single pointed dedication and experiential base have afforded him a deep, balanced, and mature understanding of what the yoga tradition has to offer and how it can be implemented within the western culture and lifestyle.

 A question Jeremy likes to keep in awareness is –

What would you do if money were not an obstacle in your life? For Jeremy, his response is – I would practice and teach the yogic arts, because as far as it can see, of all life experiences on offer I know it’s what delivers the greatest quality of life. Via passing its knowledge onto others, it’s where I believe I can make the greatest contribution to the well-being and evolution of our culture, both academically and experientially.

 Key Studies: 

Diploma in Vedanta – traditional yoga philosophy (Vedanta Academy India)

BA Philosophy (Murdoch Uni Perth)

Level 2 Accredited Satyananda yoga and meditation instructor (SYA Australia).

Numerous short courses in the yogic arts.


Yoga Teacher, CranioSacral and Massage therapist, Naturopath (BNat).

Born in Yallingup to the sound of waves, Sky is a woman who passionately believes in the healing power of nature and whole health.

Sky’s interest in the healing arts, spiritual knowledge and a willingness to know herself on a deeper level, led her to over 600hrs of yoga studies with Cat Kabira, Sarah Powers, David Swenson and Yogi Vishvketu.

Sky combines mantra, asana, gentle pranayama and meditation in her more active style yang classes and weaves wisdom about the energetic body; meridian/organ systems and Chakras, in her more passive style Yin classes, encouraging breath awareness, inner feeling and inner inquiry. Sky gives subtle craniosacral adjustments, supporting her students to unwind, open and deeply relax in a safe, loving environment.  

Sky remains dedicated to her yoga practice, continuously fascinated by her changing inner universe while committed to her outer life purpose. She aims to ‘practice what she preaches’; to feel, to allow, to trust and hopes to support others on their own healing path. Namaste.