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Why Yoga Nat?

“Because it offers me a practical way to show up for my physical and mental health every single day. There is nothing better than feeling strong and confident in my body. Clear and peaceful in my mind. Connected to nature, to people and to what is important. Some how this dedication to showing up for my health reminds me to celebrate the raw beauty of life’s moments, and I think there is nothing more important than that in todays world. For me “Yoga” encapsulates so much. There are branches of movement, of breath work, of mindfulness. There is a beautiful history filled with stories, traditions and philosophy. Some people will do handstands for an hour, others will sit with their breath in silence. Each individual will experience yoga differently, but the one thing we all share, is that we show up consistently for ourself. So why yoga? - because it gives me something to show up to every day. Something that I know is good for my health and therefore good for my heart.”

As an ocean dweller, nature lover and adventure seeker Nat new Australia’s South West coast would become home the moment she arrived. Packing up everything she owned into her car, dropping out of University (on her second day, sorry Mum!), she said goodbye to the city and headed south with absolutely no plan.

Best decision she has ever made.

Fast forward a few years, Nat is proud to open her studio doors every morning to a community of people who believe in the power of showing up for themselves.

Nat loves movement in all forms. If she had the time and energy to add hiking, surfing and ballroom dancing to the schedule she probably would! Point being - Nat doesn’t fit into any one particular yoga style. In fact she encourages variety, believing that the more we do just one thing the less effective it becomes. From Vinyasa classes with music, to Mysore Self Practice classes in silence, to hanging off gymnastics rings in Skills & Drills classes, Nat loves sharing a diverse studio schedule. Frankly it doesn’t bother Nat if you enjoy handstands or meditating. She simply hopes to help you move, smile and show up for yourself more frequently!

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, Nat welcomes and encourages you to join the community.


Meet Sarmarie

As an artist, a woman, a business owner and a lover to her family and friends she is committed to using all that she has learned from yoga to live to her fullest human potential.

Having spent the last decade deep in yoga practice, study and tradition, some of her education includes:

·        Eastern Philosophy 2004- 2006 Vedanta, Literacy, India 

·        Yogic Studies 2006-2007 Satyananada, Mangrove Retreat 

·        Yogis Studies 2008 Satyananda, New Zealand retreat centre 

·        Ashtanga Yoga/Mysore - Samudra 2012 -2015 , Teachers Mike Hannum, Peter Bertero and Merja Valkonen-Hernandez). 

·        Workshops and Intensives (between 2011 to 2016) with leading international teachers Mark Robberds, Sarah powers, Donna Farhi, David Swensen, Simon borg olivier , And Dena Kingsberg

Feeling more alert, steady and attune than ever, she believes she is here to share and teach others all that she has discovered. To nurture our human nature. To help others unfold and to smile at life’s blow outs. To make the day count for something soulful and nourishing.



Have you ever taken a first sip of water only to realize how intensely thirsty you actually are? Finding yoga was like that for Fran, a sense of homecoming, of arrival, when she did not even know she had been away.

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At first Fran did not question how Yoga worked, and she was happy to just to take on board this new sense of contentment, being less erratic, more focused, stronger in her Bodymind, and lighter in her sometimes heavy heart.

Fran has now had a consistent practice for more than ten years, with the honour and pleasure of teaching yoga for over seven years. Coming from a clinical profession, yoga and teaching started as a part time endeavour, but now is her full time passion. Fran's practice started in Brisbane, leading her to teacher trainings in the US and Mexico.

Fran's yoga practice has evolved and grown differently with ever changing needs, and teaching has become part of her Yogic pathway.

Sharing this gift of breath, body and movement union, igniting the fire in others to pursue their own self discovery, teaching is a reminder of being a perpetual student!


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Christine is our resident German - affectionately known as Kraut. Her earliest memories are of ballet and movement, dedicating most of her life to the art form.
A change of tack following high school lead Kraut to another passion - travel. Without apprehension, Christine packed her bag and headed off, only to meet her Aussie man on the beaches of South Africa.

They moved to Australia in 2012 and Yoga moved into her life - filling the huge hole left from ballet’s daily practise.
“This should be easy for me!”, thought her competitive self! 
As it turns out, Yoga was quite a challenge! Sitting still, focusing in, removing competition and combining mindful movement with steady breath was confronting. But Kraut loves a challenge! And she was hooked.

Christine introduced her partner to Yoga and together they travelled to India to discover its essence. Rishikesh taught her more about life, love, fire and space than she could ever have hoped. Her physical practice grew deep and yoga philosophy took hold.

Since then, Christine has taught in India, Germany and Australia. She holds a strong affinity for the authentic Hatha balance of movement and breath. Yoga for her was born out of self development and her number one passion is enriching the lives of those she shares this with.